Panel – Business meets AI

Georg Gottlob

Georg Gottlob is a Professor of Computing Science at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory, Oxford, UK, and an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria (TU Wien), where he is a member of the Information Systems Institute. His research interests are database theory (in particular, query languages), Web information processing, constraint satisfaction problems, nonmonotonic reasoning, finite model theory, and computational complexity. On the more applied side, he supervises a number of industry projects dealing with expert systems and with multimedia information systems. From 1989 to 1996 he directed the industry-funded Christian Doppler Laboratory for Expert Systems. He is a co-founder of Lixto Corporation.
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Claudia Plant

Since January 2016 Claudia Plant is full professor for Data Mining at University of Vienna. Her research focuses on database-related data mining, especially clustering, parameter-free data mining, and integrative mining of heterogeneous data. She explores information-theoretic concepts for turning data into actionable knowledge with results being published at the top-level data mining conferences, e.g. KDD, ICDM and IEEE BigData and three Best Paper Awards. Results from interdisciplinary projects with experts from biology, neuroscience, and environmental engineering are have been published in leading journals such as Bioinformatics, Cerebral Cortex, and Water Research. In 2013, Claudia Plant obtained a Helmholtz Young Investigators Group, a German excellence program which offers funding for an independent research group. From 2010-2013 she has been visiting professor at Florida State University funded by a Feodor Lynen research fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. She spent further research visits at National University of Singapore and Carnegie Mellon University.

Thomas Reutterer

Thomas Reutterer is Professor of Marketing at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). He is Head of WU’s Institute for Service Marketing and Tourism and served as founding Academic Director of WU’s Master’s Program (MSc) in Marketing.

His primary research, teaching and business consulting interests are focused in the area of retail and service marketing, customer value and relationship management, and marketing models for customer-base analysis and decision support. In his research projects, Thomas typically works in interdisciplinary teams and employs advanced statistical or machine learning methods to provide decision support for issues of managerial relevance. Ongoing research projects currently include the study of cross-category purchase effects, dynamics in evolving customer-firm relationships, models for customer valuation and targeted promotions. Thomas’ prior research has appeared in various marketing and operations research journals.
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Andreas Holzinger

Andreas Holzinger is group leader at the Institute of Medical Informatics/Statistics at the Medical University Graz, pioneered in interactive machine learning with the human-in-the-loop, and promotes a synergistic approach to Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. He serves as consultant for the Canadian, US, UK, Swiss, French, Italian and Dutch governments, for the German Excellence Initiative, and as national expert in the European Commission. His is in the advisory board of the Artificial Intelligence Strategy of the German Federal Government and in the advisory board of the Austrian Artificial Intelligence Strategy.
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Monday, June 3
Georg Gottlob, Claudia Plant, Thomas Reutterer
Moderation: Andreas Holzinger